An Electronic Novel


This is a novel in the making.

Read it as I write and revise  it.

Contribute to it.

You can submit chartacters or places to this novel if you register and login to the site. Your contributions will be moderated before they appear as part of the book. All contibutors will be acknowledged as such. When you have registered you must edit your profile to include your firstname and surname: without these details, no contribution will be accepted from you, however interesting it may be.

The concept of this E Novel is that readers can follow the novel as it is written. Unlike reading a conventional book, readers do not have to read the materials in chronological order. It is possible to read about the characters and places in whatever order you like, or skip them altogether and just read the plot.

The denouement is a password protected page and only available for the very small contibution of £2. You can read as much as you want before deciding whether to buy the password.

To contribute to this site you must register. If you do not edit your profile to include your first and second name, your registration will be deleted automatically.

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