My Cottage

On the southern edge of the Mendip hills, west of Ebor Gorge, the cottage garden has a view over the Somerset Levels.

The cottage is build of solid whitewashedstone. It has a single living room with a large open fireplace. Two bedrooms open into the living room, one on each side of the firplace. A large open loft above the main living room provides more bed space on the rare occassion that I have more than one visitor.There is a single kitchen washroom and an outdoor privy. The roof is made of stone shingles which I must repaint white each autumn.

Electricity is offgrid. A large stack of batteries in an outhouse is recharged on sunny days by an array of photovoltaic panels. There is a water supply, but sewage is dealt with in a large cess pit. Access is by a long dirt track that is quite unsuitable for large vehicles, so there is little possibility of getting an oil delivery. Cooking is on a calor gas oven.

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