Sennelier watercolours

I have these in Pans and Tubes, I mostly use the tube paints and have started to use a sealed pallette into which I can squeeeze tube paint. This will stay fresh for some time as the pallette is airtight.

An alley in Bath
Wanstrow & Weston Town

This fantasy of cog wheels was drawn with a thick calligraphy nib in waterproof indian ink before I added the watercolours.

Cog Wheels

This landscape is bit inaccurate: I moved the silver birch from our garden to the field and changed our wild flower meadow into a poppy field; the fields are also a variation on reality. However, the painting was fun to do.


These poppies were drawn with a general purpose dip pen nib in waterproof indian ink and the colored with sennelier watercolours.


The green background was done rather like a lino cut, using thick green watercolour on a stencil that I cut from my drawing. I then painted the petals through the cut.

Bicycle Gear Wheels
Gear Wheels

This is close-up watercolour of the gears and chain on a bicycle.

Ink and Wash cog Wheels
Ink and Wash Cog Wheels

Here I have used a wide calligraphy nib for the black and two colours for the highlights.

Chain Link pen and wash
Chain Link pen and wash

A general purpose nib withe indian ink and then a watercolour wash.

Wildflower Meadow ~ Pen and Wash.

A calligraphy dip pen nib with waterproof indian ink, coloured over with watercolours.

Watercolour Pencils

These are Caran d’Ache pencils.

Inktense Blocks

Windsor & Newton Inks