Pencil Drawings

A pencil sketch of my Garden Shed
Garden Shed

This garden shed was drawn with a 7B pencil in April 2019.

My Hay Barn
My Hay Barn

This hay barn was drawn with a 7B pencil April 2019.

Daffodils under Silver Birch

The daffodils under a silver birch were drawn with a 6B pencil.

Patio Steps
Student drawing of a bivalve shell
A pencil drawing of a Bivalve shell

This is a pencil drawing of a bivalve shell ~ Cardium echinatum L. The paper has yellowed with age (53 years). The scale line in this drawing is 1.5″

This was drawn in April 1966. Ghost images at the top of the page are drawings of a barnacle, Elminius modestus. The ghost image in the lower right of the image is a tiny marine gastropod Cingula cingullius, it is 4mm tall. The ghosts are on the obverse the page.